Chapter 7 Chapter 7: “All aboard the Sally”


“Ah, ah, ah…” Panted Merlin while still running “I’m out of breath!!!”

“Ha, ha, ha! La vie bourgeoise!!! You need to work out, mon ami” Chuckled Maurice and made a gesture so that all the cats came with him. “Now, Merlin, what is the plan to save our royal kittens?”

“The plan is, the plan is…” Merlin cleared his throat, “The plan is to meet Sam and take the kittens to a ship. A ship called Sally which is waiting at the port of Le Havre”

“Le Havre?” Complained Maurice, “Mon Dieu! It is far away!! Where is this Captain? Sam… Sam


“He has already left!” Exclaimed Merlin, “But he gave me a map… Let’s see… apparently, we must go to Paris and… go through the river Sein!!! Up to the see… Goodness me! And we cats hate water!!

“These Americans!” Sighted Maurice, “They know nothing!!! Anyway, there’s no time to lose. First things first, let’s go back to Paris the way we came here.”

And with no further delay the gang of cats got ready to climb on the first cart heading to Paris.


They arrived in Paris very late in the night, which was perfect for their secret plan.

“To the Seine!” Ordered Maurice, and all the cats got ready to follow their leader.

They moved silently, jumping from roof top to roof top like acrobats in the dark.